Public Relations

We are reputation management experts, communicating the right message, to your target audiences, on the right platforms. We build relationships with the media, analysts and online influencers on your behalf, working towards your overriding marketing goals.


We have organised and run over 45 events globally, ranging from trade shows and exhibitions, to intimate client and prospect events. Our team is able to take the entire event organisation, including event logistics, customer relations, prospect invitations and vendor negotiation.

Social Media

We manage social media for global clients, tying outcomes back to the overriding growth objectives of the business and placing you at the heart of the important conversations. Our approach to social media is to integrate it into all influencer and communication programmes, positioning you as influencers.

Analyst relations

We run global analyst programmes for our clients. The analyst programme, done correctly, should help you with every stage of the sales pipeline, from brand awareness to your customer programme. We can help you meet your objectives.

Demand Generation

We are experts in building awareness of your technology and services in your target market. Not only are we able to provide a holistic Demand Generation strategy, we are able to support your team in delivering it.

Customer Programmes

We help organisations set-up customer advisory boards. We work with you to create meaningful customer programmes, from case studies to speaker slots and awards.

Brand Management

Resonance has not only supported organisations with their brand management, we have also driven numerous re-branding projects as brand strategy programmes.

Web Marketing

From full website restructures down to SEO optimisation, Resonance is able to deliver web marketing services to support your goals. We have vast experience in user journeys, web architecture and creating optimised website content.


PR and communications needs to be integrated. Our driver-based marketing model means integration is natural. We seamlessly align your PR and communications strategy to your go-to-market and marketing strategy ensuring ultimate success.

One of our specialisms is market entry. We know how challenging a new market can be and deliver strategies that focus on accelerated growth. Our team works directly with your key stakeholders in HQ to deliver all the tools you require for market entry into the UK.

We deliver marketing strategies to software organisations across EMEA. With a deep understanding of Product Marketing, Corporate Marketing, Field Marketing and Channel Marketing, we are able to create a fit-for-purpose marketing strategy that will essentially guide your operational activities to achieve growth.

Product is at the heart of every B2B Tech Organisation, getting this right is key. Often we see that organisations have fantastic development teams, data science teams and engineering teams, but are missing the key element between these development teams, and the business development teams. We ensure that this function is set up for success.

We deliver go-to-market strategies for start-ups and market entry organisations. We work as an extension of your Business Strategy or C-Level Team to create a go-to-market strategy that ensures scalable and sustainable growth.

‘Sales and Marketing are struggling to integrate’. This is something we hear on an almost daily basis. This is why we have developed our Driver-Based Marketing model, creating synergy between PR, Marketing and Sales in B2B organisations with a laser focus on pipeline generation.

Advisory and Analysis

Revenue Growth: High revenue goals require a strategy that aligns product or services with marketing and sales, through to delivery. We drive improvements in the way your organisation operates to achieve growth and your bottom-line.

Restructuring and Turnaround: One of the key issues Resonance supports organisations with is the friction and the siloes that can develop between product or service, marketing and sales. We ensure these departments are perfectly aligned to reach your business objectives.

CMO Services: Resonance brings a wealth of experience, including Investor Relations, Operational Marketing, Strategic Marketing and Go-to-Market expertise to help you deliver on your growth objectives.

Product Marketing Services

Competitive Intelligence

Resonance has been delivering Competitive Intelligence to clients for over seven years and it is one of our core skills. Understanding your competitors product roadmaps, user stories and value is key to differentiation. Our team will deliver all the information you need for success.

Market Analysis

Vital for start-ups, a Market Analysis will shine the guiding light on your positioning and messaging, your product marketing strategy as well as feed your go-to-market strategy. Resonance has been supporting new tech start-ups in mapping the market and helping them prepare for market entry.

User Stories

From cross-cutting issues, through to long-term effects and non-functional requirements, the Resonance Team can help you achieve an agile and iterative delivery of user stories. We are skilled in creating productive discussions between delivery teams and business stakeholders in order to achieve fit-for-purpose and scalable user-stories.

Impact Mapping

For start-ups and new products, Resonance is able to support your delivery team, product marketing team and business stakeholders in Impact Mapping that supports your strategic planning.

Field Marketing Services

We have been delivering Account Based Marketing strategies and campaigns for over six years. We deliver everything from key account research through to bespoke content and campaigns for your Top Accounts.

Persona Based Marketing

Understanding your target audience and aligning their desired outcomes to your service is one of our core services – it has proven time and time again to yield significant results compared to traditional Field Marketing activities.

Driver-led Marketing

We are one of the only agencies to support organisations in Driver-Based Marketing. For one of our clients, this resulted in £2.4million worth of deals in just one year.

Channel Marketing Services

Partner Communications

Resonance has supported clients in partner communications for over seven years. We understand the importance of attracting the right partners, but also nurturing those relationships for a mutually-beneficial relationship. We create Positioning and Messaging documents for each Partner Stream ensuring that your partners have the right information, at the right time in order to achieve the most successful outcome.

Partner Sales Training

Resonance supports clients in creating the right Partner Sales Training for deep product and services understanding and the ability for your partners to reach independence as soon as possible.

Partner Events

Resonance has delivered numerous Partner Events, both sponsored Trade Shows as well as private events for mutual lead generation. Our team is able to run the creative, lead generation, events logistics as well as be on board at the event on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Co-Marketing Support

Resonance is skilled in working with numerous marketing departments from different organisations, as well as vendors and marketing agencies. We can seamlessly deliver integrated campaigns between partners for Demand Generation and Lead Generation, but also within Corporate marketing such as partner press releases and web marketing.