How to create a customer-centric content and PR strategy


Or, how to be more than marketing fluff.

Technology has made it easy to reach people, but reaching people is no longer a measure of success. Even the best executed B2B technology PR and content campaigns fail to deliver the business outcomes that marketing departments need in today’s competitive markets. The problem? Campaigns often overlook the most critical component – the people they seek to influence.

B2B technology and PR content campaigns should not focus on the product you are selling, nor should they focus on the brand. Your North Star should be the people you seek to engage and influence with the messages and content. Top of the funnel brand awareness for the sake of it is wasted time, effort and budget. Top of the funnel brand awareness needs to feed further down the marketing funnel to interest, engagement and consideration. Only by taking a market oriented starting point can a campaign drive this.

A market oriented, or as some refer to it, a client centric approach is critical to success, but – as Mark Ritson points out – you always have to remember that you don’t actually see the world like a your target buyer. Research and insights are critical to formulating a campaign that pushes the buttons of the target audience, that speaks to their pain points. You need to start with a blank sheet and really get to the bottom of who you are trying to reach? What do they value? What battles do they have that you can help with? How do you fit?

Without asking these critical questions, you can’t really deliver what is needed from your campaigns.

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